EU Operational Programs

The Voca Consult team has sixteen years of experience in supporting private companies and local government bodies, supporting business planning and access to commercial and investment finance, participation in infrastructural projects, EU accession and EU operational programs.

Through projects developed jointly with leading commercial banks and donor institutions, the Voca Consult team has provided funding for the private and public sector in the amount of over 300 000 000 EUR.

The Voca Consult mission is to support its clients’ investment initiatives through the provision of highly qualified consultancy services in order to ensure the improvement of their future financial results.
Each of the projects is developed with a view to the specific needs of the client.The offered service includes full project monitoring and management.

The team of highly qualified consultants is always available for the professional management of the projects.

The services you can use include:

  • comprehensive project management of beneficiaries applying for funding from EU Operational Programs;
  • procurement of investment financing;
  • marketing;
  • technology transfer and know-how;
  • foreign investorsassistance;
  • international business development projects;
  • Donor supported international economic development projects;

Voca Consult provides specialized assistance in applying for the different measures of the Rural Development Program (RDP), the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Program (MAF) and the Operational Program for Innovation and Competitiveness (OPIC), which covers:

  • Up-to-date information on application requirements and procedures
  • Analysis of the applicant company status in accordance with the requirements of the specific measure under the program
  • Preparation of a business plan according to the general statutory requirements
  • Assistance in documentspreparation and submission
  • Assistance in investment financingfinding
  • Representing the applicants before the relevant program authorities, and assisting them during the entire procedure – from the preparation of the project to its approval and the financial grant payment.

Procurement of investment financing

Voca Consult is constantly exploring the investment opportunities in Bulgaria and we invite all companies, company owners, representatives, agents and others to contact us and get detailed information from our specialists.

Voca Consult can help you find financing for your investment project in Bulgaria. We have established long-lasting relationships with international financial organizations such as the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, FAO, IFC, Rabobank International as well as local financial institutions – DSK Bank, Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD, Bulgarian-American Credit Bank, KBC Group, Unicredit Bulbank and many other.

The current portfolio of successfully affirmed projects under the SAPARD and EU Operational Programs includes over 500 projects.